Escaping the tormenting demons of her past was all Tova wanted, but someone has other plans.

~An Internally tormented girl~

~An Unexpected protector~

~One deadly hunt~


Tova, abused as a child in more ways than one, lives in a territory protected by a thick forest and stone wall. She has no desire to leave, and not because of the savages and mutated beasts that roam beyond the walls…

On a quest to deliverance, her plan has always been to learn self-defense and to learn how to protect those who can’t protect themselves while overcoming the demons of her past.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting heartthrob catches her attention. Not knowing the secrets that lay deep within, he anxiously wants to pursue her, but someone else has other plans for her.

In the midst of all the mayhem, does their relationship end before it can begin?

Protecting Tova is an exciting journey as she fights to forget her past in a dystopian world inundated by threats, mysteries, and treachery. 

***This is an adrenaline rush novel with a mixture of fantasy, romance, and paranormal ~ supernatural abilities. Perfect for fans of sarcastic heroines, protective males, and instant attraction.***

Next up: Defending Pierce 

The Iron Mountain Series Book 2

After devastating turn of events that throw Pierce’s intentions into question, Tova’s life is now hanging in the balance.

Following a fatal attack by the Savages, in an attempt to catch the person(s) who is attempting to hurt Tova and her friends, leaves the two guilty culprits dead.

As Tova struggles to stay alive and Pierce faces grave consequences of his actions, everyone soon learns...


~ The Fight Isn’t Over ~


An evil, bitter, determined villain will do anything to take revenge out on them, even if it means all our war on the entire territory. 

More info is coming soon...

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